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The International Association for the Study of the Nude in Art (IASNA) is an international association of artists, art collectors and art enthusiasts who are passionate about the exploration and study of the nude form in art. We hope to advance the understanding of this subject matter as it relates to matters of art history as well as serve as a forum for art criticism within this genre. IASNA is also the publisher of "Art and the Nude" (a fine art journal specializing in the nude depicted in art) due to debut in in January 2009. Visit our website for more information.

David Allio

David Allio is an award-winning internationally recognized photographer and artist. His fine art nudes have been exhibited in the US, Europe and Australia.
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Benelux. Naakt kunst in België, Luxemburg en Nederland

Nude Artists Directory of the Benelux. Overview of nude art in the Benelux. First and complete list of fine artists specialized in nude art, living in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. Join the list for free. The purpose of this overview is to give artists, art lovers and art students an idea about who nude artists are and where they live in the Benelux. Een overzicht van de artiesten uit België, Luxemburg en Nederland, die zich bezig houden met naakt kunst. Un list avec des artistes de Belgique, Luxembourg et Pays Bass, qui faits des fine arts nudes. Visit the website for additional information.

Amit Bar Fine Art Photography

Amit Bar. Beautiful site with marvelous photos, photo-collages and drawings of nudes and body-paintings.

In 1950, I was born in Kibbutz Kfar Hamaccabi, Israel. I lived there until 1988. As a kibbutz-member I was not able to ask a complete art-college. Therefore I followed for many years evening-lessons drawing. In 1984 I finally got the permission to go the university. My study of Creative Art & Comperative Literature at the university of Haifa took three years. I have learned there a lot about various forms of Creative Art. As follows, I decided to dedicate my interest on photography. My final project was "children photography". Since 1988 I live in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, and work as a freelance-photographer and painter. Visit the website for additional information.(See our listing in
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Valery Bareta

Valery Bareta was born in the Ukraine and is now working in Tallinn, Estonia. He has a rather broad oeuvre, from still studies to the erotic models shown here. Visit the website for additional information.
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Aaron Board's Fine Art Page

Aaron Board. I am a figurative artist from New York City that often concentrates on the nude figure. I dabble in all shape and sizes. My Drawings in Gold and Platinum on sandpaper are highly sought after and focus mostly on the nude figure. I am always looking for models of curious shapes and sizes. My goal is to explore distinct physical characteristics and use them as symbolic elements that are purposeful and beautiful at the same time. Old, young, super skinny, super large people, all serve as elements of beauty on future projects I have in store. Visit the website for additional information.
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Body-n-Mind - Art & Photography. Some titles include: "Color by Sheila Metzner - An outstanding photographer, Metzner presents a variety of photographs from stills, to landscapes, to a few child nudes. Her work is and has been displayed in prominent art galleries worldwide"; and "Art of Natural Living by John P. Wagner - Beautiful life-like drawings of families enjoying nude beaches. Wagner's attention to detail, especially with female figures, add to the realistic presentation of a carefree day at play." Online ordering - your order will be processed within 48 hrs. Visit the website for additional information.

Bruce E. Brown

Fine Light Nudes. For over 25 years internationally published photographer Bruce E. Brown has been creating fine art. His female nude imagery is graceful, romantic, sensual, in the style of Edward Weston and Robert Farber. The "Fine Light Nudes" web site contains a selection of his beautiful art. This Web Site has evolved over the years to reflect my journey as an artist. While I have enjoyed photographing in a variety of subjects (sports, portraiture, weddings, photojournalism and commercial photography) my love, my passion, has been with Fine Art imagery. The Human Form has been a fascination of mine for years. Initially I explored it in the context of the athletic physique captured during competitive events and in portraits. My creative vision has since expanded to include dance imagery with its beauty, power, and grace. Ultimately, I have added my interpretation of the nude figure into my art. Here you will find sample images from my Fine Art portfolio focussing on various representations of the human form that comprise my art. Visit the website for additional information.
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Bob Brumley - Creative Impressions Lifecasting, LLC

Creative Impressions Lifecasting, LLC. At our studio near Madison, Wisconsin we produce beautiful works of art and keepsakes for our clients using the process of "Lifecasting". Lifecasting is the technique of making a mold of the human form and then casting that mold with one of a variety of materials to create a life-size work of art. Whether you are interested in a cast of a baby's hand or an adult-size torso, we can turn you (or someone you love) into a cherished piece of artwork. On this website you will find answers to many of your questions about the lifecasting process and our services. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please phone or e-mail us with your questions. Visit the website for additional information.

Roger Burnett

Roger Burnett has spent a lifetime painting and sculpting the nude human form. As a sculptor, his materials and working methods date back to the time of Michelangelo and as a water-colourist, his suggestive brush strokes and thunderous washes have a freedom that few others artists dare duplicate. In an effort to capture the female figure in all its moods and changes, he has developed a rapid way of working with watercolours. This enables him to record the elusive pose that he sees out of the corner of his eye. From his studio on the Caribbean island of Dominica he daily pays homage to the beauty of the nude and through his workshops, encourage others to do the same. In his seventieth year, he is attempting subjects that he dare not contemplate his my youth. He is now giving his sculptures the freedom of watercolours and exploring the interaction of two figures embraced. His Grenadian born wife Denise, has been his model for over twenty years and, through their workshops, coaches those that aspire to model for the arts. Visit the website for additional information.
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Peter Checksfield

Naked in Thanet.. I'm a semi-professional photographer, based in Margate, Kent, in England. I specialise in Black & White Art Nudes & Naturism, both in the studio & on location. All images on my site were taken on Black & White film (not digital), & developed, printed & scanned by myself. I'm planning a local 'Naked in Thanet' Photography Exhibition. I already have some fabulous images, but I'm still looking for more brave volunteers! I don't pay models, but you would get TEN high quality 8" X 10" black & white photos, as well as a possible webpage devoted to yourself. No males please, though couples considered. Visit the website for additional information.
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L'Atelier Robert Coane

L'Atelier Robert Coane.. A showcase for figurative art Description: At the focus is always on the art. Our aim is educational and our goal the promotion of Figurative Art and Artists of quality and the singular importance of drawing and direct observation as the cornerstone of all visual art. Visit the website for additional information.
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Devi DeLavie

Devi DeLavie. I'm an artist specializing in the figure. I thought perhaps some of your members might be interested in commissioning a sculpture or painting of themselves.
DDelavie DDelavie DDelavie

Ron Drouillard

Ron Drouillard. There's not much to say about myself. I'm a retired paramedic.Actually it's more like off on disability since I can no longer work as a Paramedic. I use photography as a hobby. It is just enjoyable to go out and take pictures. Sometimes the results surprise me. There is nothing better than walking through a wooded area listening to nature and photographing it. The quiet solitude , the feeling that nature knows you are there and as long as you respect her she will respect you. It has it's own calming effect no drug can do. I have spent 30 years involved in scouting and other outdoor activities. My passion for Photography and my love of nature led to several nature photographs that I started shooting as a hobby. Soon others recognized my art and began asking about purchasing the photographs for their homes and offices. Visit the website for additional information.
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Olivier Duhamel

Olivier Duhamel specialises in bronze figurines, nude pencil drawings and custom body castings… His inspiration is the nude female body which he celebrates in graceful and fascinating sculptures and drawings. His bronzes are sold in art galleries in New Zealand, Australia, and in France… His Waiheke Island Bodyscape studio publishes a “boobs casting manual” a 40 pages life casting tutorial telling everything one needs to know to make a life-size, realistic plaster reproduction of a woman’s torso (or any other body part..) Visit the website for additional information.

Images of bronze sculptures.
Images of Nude drawings.
Images of Body castings.
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Fred & Lara Ellis

The Mindseye Photography. Fred and Lara are a husband and wife team living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Fred has been creating photographs for over 30 years, and Lara has been a model and photographer for 17 years. They create unique artistic black and white nudes, using a variety of techniques, including infa-red film, sepia toning, hand coloring, and some computer manipulations. Their photos are created in a spirit of portraying the human form as an integral part of the whole photo but not necessarily the only part of the photo. Their carefully thought out backgrounds and locations play as important a part in the theme of the images as the nude figure does. Fred and Lara work on both a commissioned and non-commissioned basis, and have exhibited their work through out the DC. Metro area and Virginia via shows, workshops, and galleries. Please visit the web site for additional information.
Ellis Ellis Ellis
Ellis Ellis Ellis


Exposures. This is an on-line gallery featuring the art, photography and illustration work of Terry Barnett. Subjects featured range from art styled nudes, pinups and hot rods through to illustrative and commercial images. Weekly picture has special effects. I do sell my art and photography and am currently working on organising a work for sale page on the site. Visit the site for additional information.
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Figure Drawing Factory

Figure Drawing Factory. The Figure Drawing Factory is a group of artists and models that share a common vision of, and strong belief in, the inherent and unrivaled beauty that is the human body. We believe this vision is shared through our art and wish to share that vision and art with you, with the hope that you too can see the beauty, integrity, and sincerity in the human form that we see. We strongly believe and proclaim that the unclothed human body is inherently innocent and beautiful. We invite you to join us, with open hearts, minds, and eyes as you behold the wonder that is humanity through our eyes and works. The human body is truly a magnificent work of art, as beheld and appreciated by all those who will choose to see. Visit the website for additional information.
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Fine Art For Men

Fine Art For Men. Selling European Art, Photography, Sculptures and Objects with male themes. Visit the site for additional information.
Fine Art 1 Fine Art 2 Fine Art 3

Michael Fischer - Family Portrait

Family Portrait. Make yourself or someone you love the gift of a lifetime! Michael Fischer has worked his whole life on honing his skills - after an academic art education in Austria - and is now offering portrait and nude drawings to a wider public. Artists often paint portraits of their wives or husbands, children, and parents. These are the people the artist sees most and knows best. The Portrait History will give you an extensive overview as well as an introduction to portrait painting and drawing. In the Gallery you will get some good examples of family portraits as well as busts and portrait drawings. If you have had the opportunity to scrutinize any representation of your self, other than in a photograph, whether it be a child's scribbled likeness, a professional portrait, or a sketch of yourself in the mirror, you may know the unique appeal of portrait art and the insight and beauty that it can bring to the occupation of self-exploration. You will have the opportunity to get your own Portrait Drawing or painting by using the Portrait Inquiry form. Visit the site for additional information.
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Michael Fischer - Autonudes

Autonudes. In this series Michael used traditional Yoga poses in the nude as subject matter for his large scale oil paintings. He also accepts commissions for nude oil portraits. Visit the site for additional information.
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Dewayne Flowers

Dewayne Flowers. Body Painting, Nude Photography, Digital Art & More by Artist Dewayne Flowers. Check the website for additional information.
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Greg Fox

Greg Fox. My website features my drawings of the male nude figure, as well as info & tips for guys interested in posing nude for art classes and groups. Sample question which is answered on the site: "Q: How do I go about getting hired? Short answer: take it very seriously. Long answer: you need to mount a campaign to establish yourself as a reliable, creative, and agreeable figure drawing model. How do you do that? Let’s start with you. Before you even begin to go job-hunting, you need to know whether you can do this job well. Too many guys make the mistake of concentrating only on their muscles, making sure their abs are tight and their pecs oh-so impressive. Sure, that’s nice, but it’s the icing on the cake. You’re not going to be a desirable model if you can’t hold a pose, or come up with creative poses to inspire the artists who will be drawing you. Here’s what you need to do:" Check the website for additional information.
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J-Ph Vantighem

J-Ph Vantighem. La photo à la carte, cours et stages photo, prises de vues personnalisées, idées cadeaux, réalisations au studio, à votre domicile ou sur le lieu de votre choix. Visit the website for additional information.
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A Series by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

A Series. I am Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb, a writer in New York City. I write a book on art of Jaisini. I started to email my essays to see how people will react. Many respond as they take the email personally. I did not expect it to be so effective. I appreciate your interest. This is a non-for-profit humanitarian mission to spread the art word around. If you are interested in new developments in art, please email me. Visit the website for additional information.

Jaisini, Marble Lady

In his art, Jaisini insists on overcoming of the dehumanization, the suppression of sensuality. In every historical period there are ideas and problems which are expressed and will not come to pass. Jaisini seeks to identify this idea in the present, excavate it from the past, and invent it in a new way for the future. In the murky, anxious world of ours, in the midst of the soul's confusions and the multiplying moral losses, the artist seeks and always finds some big and small islands of "eternal truths," and asserts the indestructible age-long parables that reveal these truths in the new light, in his own system of sign-images.
I realized that the more you look at "Gleitzeit" works and think, the more you see, feel, and understand, but never completely, as given work always has too many aspects. There is always some kind of "space" in the painting, on which the observer feels free, without a persistent prompting of the artist, to use his own system of perception.
To me, "Marble Lady" seems as a late modern modification of the Greek myth of the sculptor Pygmalion, who used his illusionist skill to satisfy a private fantasy of the ideal woman. Disappointed by the imperfections of the opposite sex, he created Galatea out of marble and during a festival in honor of Venus, Pygmalion prayed for a woman as perfect as his statue. Venus answered his prayer by bringing his statue to life and eliminated the boundary between reality and illusion. In Jaisini's "Marble Lady," the object of the intense desire remains alluring, yet perpetually distant. Desire of the others is often imagined in terms of a fetish. The so-called civilized man can be considered in his delight of female form. In "Marble Lady," we find the two types of spectatorship: the masculine and the non-masculine.

Therefore, an image of the woman is defined through the desire of bothspectators, the unmanly poet and the savage who may well be a subscriber to "Penis Power Quarterly." The statue of Galatea was and still is the symbol of fictional perfection, a result of the search for ideal woman that parallels the artist's own creative urge. A post-feminist culture has found out a way to reinvent the woman as she once was: eager to appear physically attractive, the man-made woman. The "Marble Lady" enables male domination by being unreachable and desirable. The construction of such a female identity fiction can inspire both high and low natures. In all of his works, Jaisini unites the high and low principles, integrating art into the material life, breaking out of art's ivory tower. "Marble Lady" is a compact, pyramidal composition of the "trio." As in all of his works, Jaisini subdues the figures to the articulation of line and its rhythmic connection between forms in space, a sort of analytical process, based on the line swinging which starts up ideas, shapes, and colors. The line arabesques are these highly individual textures of Jaisini's art. A decorative role of the painting's color is to create the temperature contrast of the heated environment with the marble-cold statue. In modern and postmodern times, there are increasingly fewer outlets for sensual urges and desires which lay at the origin of human society that imposes restrictions. Sexuality remained beyond the scope of most art history. Interaction between male and female is still responsible for the continued functioning of the universe.

Thank you for reading Marble Lady (Oil painting) by Paul Jaisini,
Copyright: Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb, New York 2000 Text

Visit the website for additional information.

Jaroslaw Kukowski

Jaroslaw Kukowski. Art Gallery - Fantasy and Nude Paintings- Wallpapers, Screensavers, Animations. He was born in 1972 and has been painting since youth. His public debut was in the Gdansk "Stara Laznia" Gallery in 1994. In his early works it is possible to notice the attempt to analyze the world and life against psychological background. The artist's work is directed towards the in-depth study of human nature. His work is the world of surrealistic creatures, which disturb the spirit of sensitive observer. In his work we can notice the grotesque and mockery of imperfections of life, and sense the signals of danger and threat. His view on life sometimes seems to be very drastic and exaggerated. Death, conflagration, disaster are frequent elements of his artistic reality. The work presented refers to the process of creation but it can be noticed that during the painting process emotions and impressions go beyond the artist's initial vision and such painting could have a number of titles. Kukowski is a master of drawing, he works in a classical way, he paints by scumble. He does it very skillfully. There are symbolic elements in his work, which can trigger contradictory reactions of the audience. He took part in many exhibitions in Poland, Holland, Germany, Belgium. He has also auctioned his works in Chicago and New York, USA. Check the website for additional information.
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Kuenstler - Hans Jürgen Stoffels art page. This is the site of an artist specialized on the drawing of children. On the site you'll find lots of drawings, photos and a lot about his home, work, and views. You will learn about the models and the sources of the drawings. There are two ways. First he gets models from his city and the surroundings. And then he gets photos from around the world. There is even a possibility to get a drawing done for free. That is, a fine (copy) is sent via email, but the original can be obtained if desired. Check the websites for additional information.
KU Image1 KU Image2

Nina Kuriloff

Nina Kuriloff creates stylized nudes that are bold in composition and use of color. Most of them are small in size and are created using gouache on paper or archival pens on archival paper. My nudes are stylized for the most part and are playful. I objectify the nude. Color plays a key role in my renditions of nudes. Check the website for additional information.
NK Image1 NK Image3 NK Image2

Anje and Jan Ladage - Nude Art Erotic Photography

Anje and Jan Ladage. Photography is our hobby, Anje is the model with Jan behind the camera. Our special interest: nude erotic fine art photography, mainly in black and white with women as model. Here are the black and white photos and some body-paintings we would like to share with you. Erotic or not erotic, fine art or no fine art, we leave that to you to decide. Explore our vision on sensuality. We enjoyed making these pictures and hope you enjoy it as much looking at them. Check the website for additional information.
AJ Image1 AJ Image2 This site is devoted to artists wanting to explode their figure drawings to new levels and make the human form come alive. It is jam-packed full of free info, tips, tricks, and advice on figure drawing like the masters. is a web site that helps artists get off the ground or accelerate and advance by teaching simple techniques on how to draw people. Todd Harris is an artist who has spent thousands of hours being classically trained in the Florence Academy method. He works as a concept art director for the Walt Disney Corporation where he teaches and critiques teams of artists. He has had many paintings published in magazines such as Dragon. Our mission at is to help artists of all levels to achieve their artistic goals. We will do this by providing this guide and supplemental information along the way. The archived articles, newsletters, forums, and portfolio reviews will all work as a whole to better artists anywhere in the world. Check the website for additional information.
TH Image1 TH Image2

Lennox Studios

Nuda Veritas. LENNOX STUDIOS at ART 634 specializes in creating breathtaking works of art using the human body as their canvas. Their works are inspired by many sources, and follow an organic flow that unites all of their work, while still allowing each piece to be unique. Check the website for additional information.
LS Image1 LS Image2 LS Image3

Jim Lisk - Nude Figure Studies

Jim Lisk - Art In the Stiks. Be fore-warned that as an artist I see NUDITY differently then those who are not artists and I am also a cartoonist so my drawings tend also to exaggerate themselves. The proper way to view my art is to keep an open mind and not to be too judgmental. Check the website for additional information.
LI Image1 LI Image2

Denis McCool

Denis McCoolDenis McCool has been working as a model for artists for the last 4 years. The sketches took 2 minutes each and the oil painting took one hour. Thanks Denis for the art. Note: two photos in one image. (Size:87KB)

Tony Meadows

Creative Body Casts. I am a Life Caster member of the Association of Lifecasters international. I am also a Painter, etcher, wood engraver and miniaturist with work exhibited at Royal Academy Summer show in the 1980s and in other exhibitions including Royal Institute of painters in Watercolours and Royal society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers of whom I was formerly an Associate member (a.r.m.s.). Lately my work has developed exclusively into the realm of bodycasting and decorated sculpture. Working from the human form and weaving with it forms from the natural world. I create body casts in which i use as the surface for a painted/decorative image - "landscape in the body" rather than "body in the landscape". The themes I am interested in are those of the natural world, ecology and native myth. Visit the website for additional information.
TM Image1 TM Image2 TM Image3

Chip Moeser

Chip Moeser. Paintings and Drawings of New York Figurative Artist Chip Moeser, Expressing and Exploring Feminine Beauty. Visit the website for additional information.
CM Image1 CM Image2 CM Image3

Terje Adler Mørk

Terje Adler Mørk is a Norwegian painter working in the tradition of classical realism. Terje often studies the human figure, his favourite subject, aiming to capture the thinking, psychological aspect along with the the outer form. Visit the website for additional information.
TAM Image2 TAM Image1 TAM Image3

Naturist Art

Naturist Art - new art genre - the naturist as inspiration. Naturist Art is the art field on which Naturism is placed in all their expressions. The Artists get their inspiration from the Naturist Lifestyle. Naturism, arised around 1900, has worldwide got an enormous meaning. A logical consequence is that Naturist Artists want to express their feelings about naturism. Read about Naturist Art as a new art genre. Welcome to the on line Naturist Art Gallery exhibiting of Naturist Art Paintings and Naturist Art Drawings. Art with passion for the Naturist Lifestyle. Visit the site to find out more.

Paper 2 Pencil

Paper2Pencil. The site you have reached is designed to promote my work as a fine arts artist, with a small sample of my commercial experience in the advertising & marketing fields. It is not ... and DOES NOT ... intend to show all I have ever done nor will do in the future. Not all my drawings are posted for the simple facts, it's impossible! However what is possible is to introduce myself to you and share a small part of my talent and skills
P2P Image1 P2P Image3 P2P Image2

Nicole Peebles

Nicole Peebles. Available for sale all over the world, Nerd Gerl's Limited Edition Angel Prints are the fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. One could say that this portfolio is a record of my travels to the "Promised Land," much like John Audubon's books are a record of his travels into the lives of birds. My first experience with naked angels was in 1990-1991 and I'll never forget it... (visit the site to find out more.)
NP Image3
NP Image1 NP Image2

Mark James Perry

Mark James Perry. The fine art nude photograph. mark james perry at the dialogue. nude and landscape photographs and mixed-media. Visit the site to find out more.
MJP Image1 MJP Image2


Petatrix. Sensuous, erotic and experimental photo art. Petatrix creates together with his erotic models a photographic world full of sensuousness. He merges the aesthetic of the nude female body with the patterns of fresh fruits, chocolate and shells. So magic appears.
PT Image2 PT Image1 PT Image3


PK-Foto. Nude Photography and Art by Patrick Kaas. Visit the website for additional information.
Naa Image3 Naa Image2 Naa Image1

Rem-X Art and Design - Body painting Montreal.

Rem-X Art and Design - Body painting Montreal. Body Art - Photos - Models - Fashion Welcome to a link to the official web site of Rem-X A&D Body painting agency. Our dynamic team provides unequalled services to customers looking for innovative ideas. Our expertise is conception and visual production, art design, photography, body art, fashion and product design. Rem-X Art & Design’s genuine innovation and professionalism will fulfill your needs. Check website for details.

Figure Drawings by Tom Richardson

Figure Drawings by Tom Richardson. Portraits and nude life drawings for viewing and for purchase. Custom portraits and life drawings are available. There are also links to other life drawing sites. Visit the website for additional information.
FIG Image1 FIG Image2

Ralph Rosenfield. Butoh Performer

Ralph Rosenfield. Butoh is an image oriented movement art form very often performed nude. It presents pure movement, and image, requiring the audience to focus on only these things. Performance can be quite intense and personal. (Jan: If anyone has the link to his site, please email me at
Butoh Image1 Butoh Image2 Butoh Image3

The Sacred Voice Gallery

The Sacred Voice Gallery is an internet gallery that periodically stages exhibitions outside the virtual environment. Check out the What's New Page for up coming shows. Founded by Painter Ian Pearson and Sculptor John Wiles, The Sacred Voice Gallery is devoted to the prehistoric mediums that they regard as the sacred voice of humanity. The artists intend to show through their work that these media are as powerful today as they were at the dawn of human expression. (The Sacred Voice Gallery will pay 20 percent of the purchase price to any person who brings a buyer to our attention for a successful sale. So, tell them you saw the link here.) Visit the website for additional information.
SV Image1 SV Image3 SV Image2

Marjorie Smith

Chartworks Art. Check out a unique line of Sportfishing Art on Nautical Charts by Florida Keys Artist Marjorie Smith. Mix & Match your choice of fish and charts or have a custom design all your own. Browse our Offshore and Backcountry Fishing galleries and visit our Magical Mermaids…come take a look… Visit the site for additional information.
MS Image1

Steve Smith. Art Gone Postal

Nude Down Under, Sydney 2000 Naturally. Full disclosure is promised and delivered in my 'Nude Down Under, Sydney 2000 Naturally' commemorative stamp prints. See twenty stunning athletes competing as the ancient Greeks did, in the nude. Here at Art Gone Postal, I make my own art stamps and publish them as hand-perforated, limited edition prints. Check out my gallery of postal prints at High resolution files available for publication, if you’re so inclined. Steve Smith/Artist, Art Gone Postal, PO Box 5172, Gulfport, FL 33707. Phone at: 727-341-1625 or visit the website for additional information.


Some really cool photos taken by a member of the NetNude website. She is an EXCELLENT photographer!!
Sonja 1
Mosquito Lagoon from the Apollo Beach parking lot #5.

Sonja 2
Right across the road westward, from the Apollo Beach parking lot #5, which is a protected shallow lagoon allowing no motor boats. The birds are Royal Terns.

Dan Spector

Lifecasting at a high level, in Memphis TN, since 1987. Charter member/director of ALI and the Lifecasting webring. Statues for sale and by commission in various materials. Visit the site for additional information.
DS Image1 DS Image2 DS Image3

Craig Tracy

Painted Alive is the Fine Art Bodypainting web Gallery of artist Craig Tracy. His paintings explore the limits of this most ancient art form and bring forth both wonder and amazement. The line between the second and third dimension is toyed with by the Artist as he expresses how the human body and nature are intrinsically connected. His website offers both, behind the scenes images and video segments that help to narrate his visual journey. Visit the site for additional information.
CT Image1 CT Image2 CT Image3

Jeff Wack

Jeff Wack is a Los Angeles based artist/photographer. This series of figurative work started 3 years ago as a "passion" or "labor of love." I've created time, in and around my other commissioned work, but feel that this is the highest realization of both my narrative and technical abilities as an artist. My aim has been to depict the female figure in a stylized, beautiful and ethereal way evoking the energy of each woman. For me the sensuous form of the female figure has ,and continues to be, a classic subject matter throughout the ages and has also inspired many legions of artists of all disciplines. In that sense I am no different then those who have gone before me. The work itself is done digitally and is a combination of my personal photography and painting. Many more samples are available on the website above, additionally archival prints (20X28" and 16X28") are available for sale. Check the website for additional information.

Arthur Williams

Sculpture by Arthur Williams. Female Nude Torso A very exquisite resin figure casting done by Arthur Williams..see for a Bio. This piece is one of only ten and Mr. Williams stopped doing these resins after these because of the dangers in molding (gases). All pieces were originally sold in approximately sixty (60) days. Called "Rachel", the piece received its name from the Old Testament Biblical reference due to the time spent on her, the love of work involved, and the resulting beauty. It was his FAVORITE! It is the largest single (figure) resin casting that he ever did and it may be one of the works featured in the upcoming sculpture book...The Sculpture Reference. He has works in over 25 states, holds five degrees including an MFA and a DA in 3D Art, currently full Professor of Art, chairman of the Art Department of William Carey College on the Coast, and he is the proud holder of an Endowed Chair.

Lawrence Winder

Sited Figures. Internationally exhibited Fine Art Nude photographer and figurative Sculptor from Australia.... also works as photographer for ballet and dance. Visit the site for additional information.
CT Image1 CT Image2 CT Image3

Without A Stitch Gallery

Without A Stitch Gallery. Art For A Nudist Camp. Whimsical illustrations, cards, calendars and gifts. Visit the site for additional information.

George P Woodling

Landscapes, Portraits and various other things. I went to Commercial Art school for two years in the late 50's and realizing how a commercial artist must prostitute his art for commercial art, I decided to keep my art to myself. All of my studies since then are of old masters and modern day artist methods and my style is my own. I do portraits, nudes, clothed figures, animals, and a variety of other media. My work is free, cheap, expensive, or you can't pay me enough for it depending on how an individual comes across. Appreciation is more important to me than money. My most expensive piece of work was $700 and my cheapest was free, obviously. George is 'artist3' in the chat room. Thanks George for the art. George is pictured below.

To see a larger version of the photo, click on the picture shown.

George   G Image1
(the Author)
  Jackie Gleason

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A NUDE Study   Ancient Bridge in
Glen Coe Scotland
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R. Young

R. Young Art. Richard Young was born in Yorkshire in 1961 and always had a natural flair for drawing from an early age. Following completion of advanced art studies, he embarked upon a career with a local engineering company after leaving school. With a passion to travel, he has worked throughout the Middle East for 19 years as a design consultant with various International companies. Now based in Devon, he has started to develop the commercial side to his artwork via exhibitions and through his personal website. Richard feels that creating and living with an original work of art is an exciting and extremely personal experience. "It should satisfy and fulfil, yet enable the viewer to open and challenge his thoughts to a different perspective and wider dimension. The senses should be aroused and the mind stimulated". He states, "Artworks should be viewed, pondered, admired, exhibited, and carefully scrutinised, with foresight given to the Artist's perspective and intention". Richard’s passion for figurative painting, influenced and inspired by the works of many classical fine arts painters, especially Bouguereau, has helped him develop a true sense of realism and convey both mood and atmosphere in his work. He believes that the nude in particular is undoubtedly the ultimate natural subject in purity of form and he describes his nudes as both sensual and tastefully erotic. Quoting Shakespeare: "The excellence of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeables evaporate, from their being in their close relationship with beauty and truth." He invites all Art lovers of the purest and most sensuous form to enjoy his finest works. Visit the site for additional information.
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