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Clyde Art Studios
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o The Only Sensible Way to Run in Florida. From Clyde: Just thought I’d share a cartoon I did not long after Mrs. Clyde and I moved to Florida. We were out walking on a balmy 95+ day in Gainesville and marvelled at all the silly people that were running in that heat. We figured the only sensible way to run in those temperatures would be nude with little fans running behind, and so the cartoon was born. Ironically, I hadn’t seriously considered trying nudism when I drew it. Seems kinda portentous now. Clyde Art Studios Homepage.

Toons Au Naturel
Toons Au Naturel
o Toons Au Naturel. Naturist comics, illustrations and graphics. A webpage show-casing some of the naturist toons and illustrations I've done over the last few years including a couple I've had published in The Australian Naturist magazine. I love naturism and reading and drawing comics so naturist comics seemed like a natural combination for me and a great way to express the fun and freedom of the lifestyle in a way that might appeal to unclothed and clothed alike! If you need artwork for your naturist website, magazine, newsletter, brochure or whatever I can offer you prompt and professional service at a reasonable rate. Visit the site for additional information.
Toons Au Naturel

Jeff Turtle's Turtleshop
Jeff Turtle
o Jeff Turtle's Turtleshop. Cartoon website. He is the coolest, greenest and slowest comic turtle on the Web. True Turtle Stories - weekly updated cartoon strips. Animated Jeff - weekly udated GIF animations. Jeff Talks Turtle - photo-story about a "real" Jeff. Jeff Goes America - digital photo art, by Henning Geiler Cool Comic Links - the Turtleshop Link Café. Send-A-Turtle-Toon, Animated toon-cards available. Free Clipart Gallery. Note from Jan: Jeff is sometimes nude when he is out of his shell... Visit the site for additional information.

Tiramisu Cartoon

o Amazing Gallery. Dror's home page... click on the Amazing Gallery link to see his humorous original cartoons. He says: "There is not much to do in this small town so I draw. Now I'm in the mood to draw cartoons dealing with nudism and nudists. I hope to create a large gallery for your pleasure." Visit the site for additional information.

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