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Art by Christian DARASSE. Story by Philippe TOME. History of the name "Les Minoukinis". First, there was the "The Bikini" the two-part beach suit, so called after the bombed atoll and the reaction it was supposed to create to the men in the fifties. Later, the "topless" model (mostly in european and australian resorts) was discovered which was called after the "Bi"-kini: the "Mono"-kini. Going natural, on naturist beaches, could be called the "No"-kini way or -like we decided- for the French version: the Minou-Kini. A "minou" in French is the sweet name we give to a kitten. In French it sounds great for a wide audience interested in discovering naturism.

These are samples of the new comic "LES MINOUKINIS" by DARASSE (art) and Philippe TOME (script), two professional authors from Belgium. The complete book of 44 pages was released in November in France and Belgium (Glenat Publishing). It describes the dream-like experience of a small nudist community living on a tropical island. The idea came after some wonderful trips at several bare beaches in Spain, Guadeloupe and Australia. The purpose of the comic is plain entertainment. Enjoy.

Art by Christian DARASSE (FR)Story by Philippe TOME (BEL)Color by Cecile (BEL)Publisher GLENAT EDITIONS (FR)

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o Les Minoukinis 1 The cover page of the new comic book "The Minoukinis". The subject is the life of a little nudist community on a tropical island. They come from various origins or countries discovering the advantage of enjoying a new lifestyle. (Size:22KB)
o Les Minoukinis 2 Free Ticket. This comic shows a married couple who won a free ticket for this surprising holiday resort. They appear several times in the comic book. They are inspired by good friends of the author's who finally became seduced by this way to enjoy freedom. (Size:113KB)
o Les Minoukinis 3 Plastic. Marco (the guy on the left) decided to live on the Minoukinis' Island many years ago to escape the stress of the urban life. Thibault (his best friend) recently joined him to escape his mother! Regarding clothes and ties as marks of hierarchy, Marco believes that on this island, all the people are equal at last. (Size:60KB)
o Les Minoukinis 4 Moving slowly... at the beach. (Size:131KB)
o Les Minoukinis 5 Going nude... at the beach. (Size:143KB)
o Les Minoukinis 6 Life as it should be. A lovely naturist scene. (Size:35KB)

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