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Christian-Nudist eGroups. Christian-Nudist is a forum for discussion of Christian Fellowship, Biblical thought and scripture. Membership 400+. Join today!
MARNA (Maryland ARea Naturist Association). Site description: To all 'wholesome' Nudist/Naturist families, couples and singles and those newcomers who are interested in Recreational nudism. Women are encouraged to join! Women are the 'backbone' to recreational nudism and I encourage women to seek out and learn more about nudism/naturism.) A list for those who practise 'wholesome' nudism and believe in social recreation of being nude. Those who want to share, express, tell their stories and meeting other nudists/naturists and sponsoring get-togethers. Note: THE LIST IS MODERATED. This is to protect the privacy of other nudist/naturist members. Visit the website for information on how to signup for the email group.
Nudism eGroups. Those who want to share, express, tell their stories and meet other nudists/naturists and sponsor get-togethers. Membership 1600 +. Join today!
Toronto_nudes. This community has been set up for Toronto area nudists, those that would not consider themselves to be closet nudists and would like to meet other likeminded individuals or couples. Share your experiences as well as find new friends. Meet and greet on the beach, or at a resort or at the ORB events. Feel free to add any events at all resorts/clubs on the calender for others to know what is happening. Make sure to check out the calender to find out all the events that are happening in our area. Visit the site for additional information.

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