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o Gay Naturists International. The worldwide association of gay male naturists. We're perhaps best known for our annual Gathering, which I believe is the largest annual naturist gathering in this country. Every August, the GNI Gathering attacts 800 men from a dozen countries and 20 states to an up-scale campground/resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. In the last couple of years, GNI has also launched gay naturists cruises on grand sail-powered vessels in the Caribbean, and these have been highly successful. The coming cruise, in March, will feature two ships sailing side by side, and there are only two berths remaining. It's a very fun, lively site, full of information, and, additionally, links to naturist organizations of interest to the gay nudist. The site has lots of photos of events and sports and the beauty of nature; the tone is nude and non-sexual. Visit the site for additional information.

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