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February 2008

I was able to travel to Aruba in February for work and had a wonderful opportunity I want to share.

I travel to Aruba every now and again, but rarely have any time for serious relaxation or other distractions. I have heard the many reports about the lack of nude or top-free opportunities on the island, but hidden among these reports, there have been a few notes of promise.

One place mentioned is Bachelor Beach. I have been to this beach a few times and have witnessed nude use there. It has a sandy beach, but swimming is not recommended due to swift currents. On my last trip I did some exploring north of Boca Grande beach, where the wind surfers frequent and found paradise. I was determined on my next trip (this one) I would set aside some time to get acquainted with this spot.

Boca Grande is protected by a narrow coral reef which breaks slightly in one area allowing the surf access to the primary beach. This is where the wind surfers congregate. The north end is very accessible and has a beautiful sandy beach (with dunes), access to a coral reef for snorkeling and plenty of calm water for swimming and floating.

I touched down at 3:15pm and was walking as nature intended along the beach by 4:30. Watched a beautiful full moon rise from the horizon at around 7:00. I was able to spend about 7 daylight hours at this beach over the next 4 days and found several nude users and few textiles. My last day there was Saturday, 23Feb, waiting for my late afternoon flight home. I arrived at 11:00 am to find one other person on the beach. He was wearing shorts while adding beach materials to one of the several driftwood shelters erected and maintained along this beach. I kept my sarong on until I was settled in at the shelter just south from him, then began enjoying the warm tropical sun.

The next time I looked over he had lost the shorts and was continuing to organize his spot. Shortly there after, I put on my swim goggles (nothing else) and swam off to explore the many coral formations just off the beach. There is one phenomena that I have never heard discussed about snorkeling that has to do with buoyancy and physics. Each time I ducked my head to explore the beautiful colors and peer into dark holes and tunnels, I noticed that my butt would stick high above the water line. This made me a little self conscious about the fact that I was nude on an island where nudity was publicly frowned on and worried that I might get more sun on a particular region of my body than desired. I guess both would be considered exposure concerns.

After about 45 minutes of exploring the coral and beautiful flora and fauna, I returned to the beach. A couple had occupied the shelter to the south side of me. They were driving a rental Jeep indicating their 'visitor' status. He was nude, she varied from textile to top-free. They seemed to enjoy their privacy, so I did not make any attempts to approach them. Shortly after returning to my shelter, my neighbor walked over and introduced himself. He was completely comfortable walking along the beach and talking with a new friend without a worry about what we were or were not wearing. He had been living in Aruba for the past 12 years, owning a business on the island, and was originally from Canada.

The 4 of us had the north side of this paradise to ourselves for the rest of the day. There were a few families and others swimming and enjoying the beach between us and the wind surfers, but they were too distant to be sure whether nude or not. It was a beautiful afternoon, that ended far too early. Except that I had gotten plenty of the subtropical sun and wind on my pale midwinter Caucasian skin.

If you happen to be in Aruba, please make a visit to this paradise, but please consider a few requests:

1. Take a bag for your trash and some that may have washed in. It is a clean beach but does not get any public maintenance.

2. Be cautious of the local mores. The authorities frown on beach nudity; more due to their desire to be family and tourist oriented than local beliefs. I have found many locals who regularly skinny-dip.

3. Respect the reef. Do no damage to the reef or its habitants.

4. Be a good naturist/nudist. Respect others.

5. A prison sits on a bluff overlooking this beach. The dunes and shelters block visibility and I doubt the guards are really interested in watching for nude bathers, they would need a pretty good scope, but be cautious.

6. Remember the sunscreen!

Best Regards, Safebare

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