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Cayo Largo, Cuba
February 2006

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We left Toronto an hour late on Feb 25, 2006 arriving in Cayo Largo at 10:05 local time as the pilot must have known that we were in a hurry to get to the resort and scout everything out. LOL

Couldn't do much of this in the dark but believe me the staff at THE SOL CAYO LARGO made up for that. We've been going to Cuba for the past 5 years and by far this has to be the BEST one that we've ever had.

The resort was great, the staff were awesome, service is really a 4 1/2 star to 5 and the beaches... nothing that we can use to describe them, breathing taking and more wouldn't do justice to them awesome, awesome, awesome.

We can't think of any other resort that we've every been to that gives you so much freedom.

Our room was an oceanview which we didn't expect and it was so close to the nude beach that the group that were in our group of bungalows used to actually walk to and from the beach nude. No one seem to be bothered by this and we became known as the bare all clan.

Where else can you get up in the morning and walk nude for hours on a prestine beach, flour like sand, sun towering down, warm wind blowing on a naked body? Not too many that we know of.

Anyway if ever anyone has to choose a vacation, Cayo Largo - The Sol Cayo Cayo in our minds is the place to go.

Would we go back ??? In a heartbeat.


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