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Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.

March 2008

We just returned from a one week vacation in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba and had great weather for most of the week.

Even when it turned a bit overcast, the temperature was warm and the water was great for swimming. While we stayed at Melia Las Dunas (two resorts down from the nude beach), we spent most of our time at the beach at the nude area adjacent to Sol Cayo Santa Maria.

As far as facilities, entertainment, atmosphere, hospitality etc, MLD is top notch. We checked out all three resorts and liked MLD and Sol the best. Melia Cayo Santa Maria (middle resort) would be our third choice.

However, given how terrific the beach is and the hospitality of the Cuban people, we wouldn't hesitate to go to any of the three resorts, especially if the price was right.

If we went again would have no hesitation of staying at MLD, but likely would stay at Sol because the walk to the nude beach is a good 20-25 minutes from MLD. Staying at Sol it would only take several minutes to go from the resort to the nude beach area.

Good part about staying at MLD is we actually lost weight during the trip due to all the walking, as it was definitely not for lack of eating and drinking.

We had some great walks au naturel and while there were lots of textiles and snorkelers walking as well, there were no problems at all, and nudity is well accepted by all.

Only concern we have is that with more resorts being built (Barcelo is building a large resort beyond MLD) there will be more and more textiles and that may cause them to push more and more into the nude beach area.

Definitely thinking of going back again next year and would love to spend 2 weeks there. Great location to get away from things and relax au naturel!!!

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