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January 2007

Met a couple who saw one of my previous reports, which wanted to go to a nude beach in Puerto Rico and I told them I would take them. I was able to have time to take them and decided to take them to Fajardo and went to Playa Colorá which I have reported on a report previously. I always carry a cooler in my trunk, filled it with beers, ice and I took something to munch on. It was supposed to rain but as it turns out here in the Caribbean you never know.

We got there around 11 AM after picking them up at their hotel in San Juan. Once there, we walked through the path to the beach. Instructions to get there are as follow: Take route 3 to Fajardo (east), once you hit Wal-mart on the right turn left on that traffic light, (route 194). About 3 miles down that road you will see a sign to get to route 195, make a left and when you reach the traffic light to route 987 turn left. Follow that road to go to Seven Seas Beach, about 8 miles away, Once parked at Sevens Seas Beach walk to the shore then to the left or north (facing the water), on the shore. You will find a path just towards the end of the bay. Walk through about 100 yards straight and you shall meet the beach in front, this is Convento Beach, (this is a long beach and you are the most eastern side of it, walk 200 yards away from that entrance to the beach and strip, (this beach has very shallow waters)). Along the way you will see another path to your right, walk through and meet Playa Colorá. Both are great and lonely for most of the time.

Once we walked over the dune at Playa Colorá, we walked to the far right where the rock formation is and where it is a control area that you can see if anyone approaches with time to get dressed. The waters are rough most of the time so careful in the water.

This is the smaller cove near the rock formation. You can see the lighthouse across the bay and that beach is called Veve Beach which I have gone nude as well. To get there instead of turning left once you face the water at Sevens Seas turn right to the end of the bay.

This is part of the larger cove on Playa Colorá.

This is the other part of the largest cove but seen from across the bay at Veve Beach. For those that are interested the mountains are El Yunque, the rainforest you see on route to Fajardo on route 3.

Back to the trip, in all we talked, and enjoyed the beach nude. Sunbathing and got my allover tan back. They had a nice tan as well. I forgot my cam but they got some nice shots. Good for them! Funny enough they pulled out Santa hats for a nude photo for their Christmas Cards next year. Great idea as well!

Only a couple visited the beach and walked towards the other end. They left shortly after and never walked towards us and probably saw that we were nude. This was one of the best days I have spent on that beach and have to say an enchanting couple as well.

We left around 4:30 PM back to San Juan for a nice local meal and drinks. Enjoy exploring the Caribbean as I do!


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