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Ron Bennett

It's me, Bigbadron. Jan was nice enough to give me my own webpage, and she's giving me a shot at maintaining it by myself. If I screw up the source code and it comes out looking like a bad acid trip, don't go crying to her! Anyways, I have a few poems for you. Some of you have probably already read the first few in the message boards, which means I need to get busy and write some more. Here's what I have for now though, hope you like them.

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Graywolf - vcr57

Title: My Life and The Truth

My life is an open book,
Though most do not read.
I am here for all to see,
Yet they never seem to see me.
They usually only look at what I may have done wrong, If I did or not matters not.
All I can see is the way I feel,
And the life that I know is real.
I am in the mind of nature as much as I can be,
Nude with the world is where I should be.
Bare to the skin the way God meant us to be,
That is the truth according to me.
God gave me life with my skin as his cloth,
Why should man change it if they think God rules all?
Man says God is whom they place all their love and faith,
Yet they cover up the beauty that he made for us.
The costume we wear to save mans ways,
sometimes causes problems within the minds.
Love for life is the only truth you need,
The beauty of our bodys show the life God has given to thee.
Open your minds,
A sole you will see.
Open your hearts,
There your life will be.
Live free in God,
And he'll live free in thee.
Only in Gods way will you forever be Truely Free.

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